5 Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Why bamboo flooring is a great investment for your home

Choosing the right floor for your home is an important decision because it’s an investment that adds value to your property. It adds style to your home and requires a large degree of durability to ensure  that it lasts. Bamboo is popular with developers and homeowners because it’s aesthetically appealing, durable, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Here are 5 benefits of bamboo flooring and why it’s fast becoming the preferred choice of flooring in residential and commercial properties.


Not really a timber, bamboo is a grass that grows rapidly, which means that regular harvesting of bamboo does not harm the environment in any way. A renewable resource that can grow up to 60 centimetres a day, which is unheard of with any other wood or grass. Using bamboo for your flooring in no way harms the environment.

Easy maintenance

Bamboo has a naturally better flexibility and resilience than other flooring such as pine. Considered to be extremely strong, bamboo is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and is durable enough to handle a lot of traffic. Maintenance is easy enough with the following tips:

  • Clean up any liquids as soon as spillage occurs.
  • Use a specialised cleaning solution for bamboo floors. Wet cloths and mops are not recommended.
  • Due to the makeup and nature of bamboo, a lot of UV on the surface will cause the light colours to go darker, while darker bamboo floors will lighten. Allow moderate sunlight onto the floor and use curtaining and blinds where necessary.

Aesthetic dream

Bamboo’s fine details make for an attractive material to use for flooring. It adds a lovely warm ambience to any room and there are many colours to choose from. One of the fundamental reasons why bamboo is considered the ideal flooring choice is because it’s a timeless classic. Not a trendy option, it won’t date; bamboo complements just about any interior and does not age.

Easy installation

It does fall into the easy installation category, and with a tongue-and-groove option available, you can DIY. However, professional installation will ensure the correct floor preparation before this material is permanently installed. You don’t want your floor lifting and distorting because you messed up in the preparation and laying process.

Highly adaptable

Not as sensitive to harsh temperatures – unlike other flooring materials – bamboo can be laid over just about any prepared surface, and is considered the perfect choice when you’re on a strict renovation budget. Strong, durable and available in a variety of grains, you are destined to be a bamboo fanatic after you install this in your home.

You can’t go wrong with bamboo flooring because it really is everything rolled into one; attractive, long lasting, adaptable, budget friendly and timeless.