Dustless Floor Sanding – How it Works

Ten years ago, you would never have imagined a sandblaster tradesperson coming to your house and sanding your floors without you having to cover all your furniture, hide away all valuable objects and then prepare for the dust storm.

Times have changed; or rather, technology has changed. It’s improved immensely. So much so that we offer dustless sanding services where you now get your flooring sanded without any dust. No dust. Just a clean, neat, beautiful, new-looking floor. What could be better than that?

So how does this all work?

This dustless sanding process creates fewer dust particles than the standard sanding process. With the professional and a proper system in place, about 99% of the dust that would otherwise be released into the air is caught and contained in the dust machine. It can be disposed of easily and without any dusty hassles.

The technical part

An extremely powerful cyclone-style separator is hooked up to a vacuum. The dust machine captures 99% of the dust that comes from the sander. It is so efficient in storing the dust and then filtering it through a process of its own that involves your vacuum’s powerful suction properties.
Other machines in the same class offer integrated, sensor-monitored dust suction and dust-free disposal. A truly unique dust seal that permits the large dust collection hose sucks up the dust and debris.
Fine dust is brought through the filter, while heavier dust is sucked down to a bag.

Why is it good for you?

Dustless sanding is a breakthrough for people with asthma and dust allergies. It’s also a good idea to use this process in places where dust could cause harm – such as places like hospitals, schools, etc.
What makes this good for you also is that it can help cut out your finishing problems, which many hardwood floor problems cause due to dust that isn’t removed properly
Just think of the time also you’ll save on dustless sanding! A standard sanding process would take so much more time because of the clean-up that’s needed.
There are the reasons why you should consider using dustless sanding for your next project. There’s still one more thing to consider, however. Convenience – besides the time being saved without having to clean up afterward, let’s reiterate what we mentioned earlier: you won’t have to do any preparations beforehand. It can be done the same day you call in for a sanding.

Moreover, owing to the technological advancements, which are ongoing as this is being read, there are so many improvements in cleaning, polishing and sanding your flooring.

Also, your flooring options are vast. There are many types of sanding machines available.

If you need more information about dustless sanding and which flooring you can use it on or what exactly is involved in the process, contact us and ask us all the questions specific to your needs. Everyone has various needs that are somewhat different than other’s needs.