Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has a particular appeal to Perth residents because of its elegant and finished look. It’s a neat material and excellent for pets—many dogs prefer cork over any other material.

So, if you’re wondering about installing cork in your bedroom, sitting room or bathroom then you should really consider looking at the real advantages and disadvantages of cork flooring.


1. Cork is soundproof: it blocks off sound from your neighbours downstairs and also closes off echoes in rooms that are more bare than other rooms in your home.
2. Cork is warm: naturally, cork remains warm and you can walk barefoot if you like and not feel the cold as you would with other wood flooring or tiles.
3. Cork is green: unlike other trees, cork bark regenerates itself, which means it is more eco-friendly than other flooring options.
4. Cork is hypoallergenic: this means that it is safe for those who suffer from all sorts of allergies.
5. Cork’s a dog’s world: your dog’s favourite sleeping place will be on your cork floor. It’s warm, soft and perfect.
6. It’s durable: cork is resistant to foot traffic, to foot impressions or depressions. Also, it can be easily blended in unlike scratches on other types of flooring.


1. Cork is light sensitive: this means that the colour you first chose—the one you fell in love with—will, like a pair of high school sweethearts, change in colour as they grow older and stay in the sunlight.
2. Cork needs an extra cover: cork cannot be installed without an added layer of polyurethane. The problem here lies in the choice of workmanship you select. Be sure to have it coated properly to prevent it from swelling, which is what cork will do naturally.
3. It is water resistant, but unfortunately, not waterproof: Water is not its best friend. Although there are bathrooms that have cork installed, if there is a lot of water that emanates from this area, it can easily damage the cork flooring.

There you have it, now it’s up to you to decide if cork is the right choice for your home, consider all the points and take into account your lifestyle. For example, do you have kids? Do you have dogs? Is your home one you would want to be easy to clean and undetectable of the odd scratch or mark here and there.

When done properly, a cork flooring installation can look absolutely stunning. If you need more information, get in touch with us who can assist you in making the best decision for your home.