Frequently Asked Questions

What about rubbish?

We normally leave bags neatly in, or near on site bins.

How long does the job take?

Obviously, every job is different. Generally, we work on 30-40m2 a day, thus an average full sized house will take 3-5 days.

What finishes do you recommend?

We use the two most popular trade finishes available in both the solvent and water-borne polyurethanes.

Both finishes are very good, but it is more a personal preference.

The water-borne finish is a non-toxic, non-yellowing, environmentally friendly finish.

Ideal for asthmatics and people with respiratory problems.It gives the timber a more natural appearance and also keeps the timber lighter.

The only downside is that if you were after the high gloss look you won’t get it with this finish.

The upside with solvent finish is you get a high build gloss if that  is what you are after and also flatter finishes too.

The solvent based finish does also deepen the colour of the timber, for example, aged jarrah will appear a deep red instead of a more chocolate brown you get with water-borne finish.

How long will the finish last?

The maintenance and general care for your floor will greatly determine the general life of the finish.

We strongly recommend rubber web mats at entrance to reduce grit and dirt from scratching the floor.

We also suggest the use of dust control mops for ongoing cleaning and damp mopping only.

Floors which are looked after properly should not need a re-coat for about 7-10 years.