Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring looks gorgeous in any part of the house. Let’s be honest, hardwood floors are just the ultimate choice when it comes to flooring. But is gorgeous enough? Will gorgeous remain gorgeous if it’s in the kitchen?

Bear in mind that the kitchen is the most trafficked part of your home. Think about it. Where, besides the living room, do most of the gossip sessions happen? Cooking, making tea, spilling your milk as you walk out of the kitchen. The kitchen is a wet zone – and unfortunately for hardwood, water is its enemy.

But there are options and ways around it if you are still adamant you want that gorgeous hardwood floor in your kitchen.

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of having hardwood flooring in your kitchen:

The Pros:

  • Hardwood flooring offers that rich interior to your home you won’t find in any other wood.
  • Hardwood actually ages well, like a good wine.
  • Hardwood, once installed, will scarcely ever be needed a refurbishment.
  • Hardwood attracts less dust than other materials because it is considered a non-electromagnetic source.
  • Hardwood, like its name, is hard. It is durable. Compare it to engineered flooring and drop the same object on both floors and you will see the dent in the engineered one.
  • Hardwood is comfortable to sit on (e.g. babies, dogs) in spite of its hard, strong nature.

The Cons:

  • Unfortunately, hardwood flooring requires regular polishing. To maintain is natural ‘finish’ it needs to be properly polished every three years.
  • Hardwood attracts termites. This can be a big problem. This means that you may have to maintain it regularly to ensure your floor isn’t attacked by termites, which will eat through your flooring.
  • Owing to the heavy traffic, hardwood is prone to receive scratch marks from shoes such as high heel points and even your cat’s nails.
  • In the kitchen, there are so many ways you can think of just now how spillages can occur, which if left unmopped, can soak in the floor and eventually cause warping.
  • When you mop the floor, you must be extra careful not to use a dripping mop, but one that is damp only.

Looking at the pros and cons, it seems that it depends really on how you are in your home. Are there kids there, animals? However, as a general rule of thumb, most flooring installers in Perth do not recommend hardwood flooring for the kitchen.

However, there is still something you can do.
Have your hardwood installed and then coat it professionally with polyurethane to add extra protection against spillages and the foot traffic.

You should have a professional do this for you because if done without right, it could end up ruining the beautiful quality of the hardwood. Another tip, while we’re on polyurethane, it’s better to order the material first and then have the polyurethane done afterwards than having them come pre-made.

But ultimately it is your decision. If you’d like to talk this decision over with a floor expert, contact us and we’d be happy to advise.

Engineered Oak Flooring

Introducing The New Engineered Oak Flooring

There’s something elegant, old-school if you like, about that solid, real oak flooring, which hasn’t lost its flavour in Perth; and it seems as if that pleasant, warm, beautiful Tasmanian oak flooring or even French oak flooring will never be unpopular.

Advanced technology in the oak flooring installation industry has come by great changes to include ‘engineered’ oak flooring. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s some bizarre way of making a plastic look like oak; in fact, this is real oak—engineering it is only enhancing what the product, the raw material, can bring to your home.

Oak flooring options

The best hardwood floors are made with wood species that are readily available and solid.
Oak flooring and oak timber flooring is by far the most sought-after because of its strength and durability. There are other species of wood you may like such as maple and cherry flooring, bamboo, ash, walnut and mahogany.

The more expensive ranges include: mesquite, teak and jarrah.

If there is a salvage yard in your area, go for a visit. It may be worth your while. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can always leave your name and contact details. Salvage flooring is a great choice when renovating an older home in Perth.

Finished or Unfinished

Unfinished, unvarnished or unprepared oak flooring may be the perfect idea for a beach house. Or if you’re into having nature as close to you as possible then unfinished can look very elegant, provided you choose the right oak flooring specialist to install your new or refurbished floors.

Prefinished hardwood flooring comes from the factory already sanded and sealed, meaning the whole installing oak flooring procedure will be done in much faster time. There are also no natural odours, and the floor would be ready to be walked upon as soon as it has been laid.

Solid or Engineered oak

Some of the best flooring options is Tasmanian or French oak flooring. To take it in its natural form is a beautiful thing indeed. The smell, the warmth, the beauty – nothing compares, right?

That is until the engineered oak transformation in the industry turned solid oak into something more enhanced. So even though solid wood is a beauty not many people want to leave, we need to consider that it is very susceptible to moisture. The contraction and relaxation can lead to the wood becoming damaged. Engineered wood provides a solution to this, especially in the Perth climate.

This gives engineered wood excellent stability over time and makes it a good choice for any part of your Perth home.

Now, with this information about oak flooring, you should have a better idea of what is best for your renovation. However, if you want a little bit more information you can contact us or call 0400 895 393.

Parquet Flooring

Five hundred years of trusted flooring should be enough proof that parquet flooring is the design that is not only timeless but one that has had the time since the 16th Century in France to be well tried and tested.

There is a very good reason why it has recently come back on the scene in Australia, particularly in Perth, and it’s due to its vast variety of designs that can create a style specific to your individual needs. Installing parquet flooring is really one of the most elegant flooring choices.

More than this, it is the only material that can merge properly with hardwood materials in the artistic design you’re after.

There are a variety of designs and styles from which to choose: whether it’s oak parquet flooring, mosaic, dark-stained, classic – even stairs.

Some design types:

Chevron Parquet Flooring
This design is a choice that works wonders, especially for parquet flooring stairs. The planks are cut at a perfect angle to create that arrow-like point when the installation takes place. It can also be installed parallel to the wall as well as diagonally. Now, Chevron parquet flooring is a bit more expensive than other styles, but it may be worth in the end once you see its stability and beauty.

Basketweave pattern Parquet Flooring
This parquet flooring can be, just like Chevron, installed either diagonally or parallel to the wall. The style that commonly goes well with basket weave pattern parquet flooring usually comes in one colour. However, many parquet flooring installers will offer you an integrated colour of wood that is different, which might actually create a trend on its own after all!

Herringbone Parquet Flooring
Herringbone is probably the most popular choice of design because it adds a grander atmosphere of superiority or intricacy to a room. This style of parquet is commonly used for more than just flooring. In fact, you may have noticed this design in industries such as fashion and architectural offices. This type of fish, from which the pattern is given its name, has its bones structured directly on the spine, making the planks come in rectangles with each block at a perfect 90⁰ angle, which creates that ‘broken’ zig-zag accent homeowners are after for their parquet flooring design.

Brick Pattern Parquet Flooring
Brick pattern is installed with traditional bricks. The feature of these strips can be used to create a nice outline for a room and give the room character. There are so many shades of planks from which to choose that you can end up creating the most beautiful room using simple brick pattern parquet flooring. Also, as an added bonus, you can use a brick pattern to be installed using herringbone planks as an add-on.

If you need more information about which parquet flooring or how to look after Parquet Flooring, feel free to contact  Webb Timber Floors, reliable parquet installers today, or call on 0400 895 393.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Imagine Your Very Own Engineered Timber Flooring

If you’re thinking about doing your flooring in your Perth home, the first thing you should look at is the technological advancements in engineered timber flooring. There are some truly unique aspects about this flooring compared with other options, such as bamboo flooring. It’s a wonderful choice for your home, office or even timber decking.

Here’s why you should consider engineered timber flooring:

The mere fact that the technological advancements in engineered timber flooring in Perth has made it possible now for you to have a home floored with timber precisely how you would imagine it. Engineers can manipulate the timber to the style, shape, and now, what with the advancement in finishings, you no longer need to wait for exotic painting to suit your taste. Your colours, however rich or deep, can now be made bespoke due to the engineers’ advancement in heating, oil application and pressurised machinery.

An engineered flooring board is timber that comprises more than a singular layer. Timber decking or flooring installers have the equipment and qualification to place layer upon layer so that the grain runs vertically and becomes impossible for the timber to contract and swell due to changes in humidity. For this reason, the stability factor is the one reason why many Australians are choosing engineered timber flooring. The top layer will be hardwood, giving you the extra strength you need.

Engineered timber flooring is one of the most durable flooring systems out there, even for timber decking. There’s a reason for this. The top layer upon the other layers of the flooring boards is a hard board that is anywhere between two to six millimetres thick. The thicker the better because when it comes to sanding, one day in the far future, it can be done with ease, without damaging or removing the effects of wear.

Finally, were you aware that engineered timber flooring is fast-becoming the global choice because of its durability? It has been tried in Australia due to the climate differences. The stability and solid flooring timber provide Australians with a much easier option for installation.

If you want to speak to somebody or find out more information about this transforming timber flooring, contact Webb Timber Floors, Perth’s choice in timber floor installers. Contact us or call us now on 0400 895 393.